Making Music with the NXT

Looking for new and exciting activities to extend your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT system? This book will take you, step by step, through the construction and programming of a variety of fun and engaging musical instruments. Each chapter addresses a different way to make music, and provides suggestions for further projects.

Chapters include:

  •  Onboard speaker
  •  Rotation Sensor
  •  Ultrasonic Sensor
  •  Percussion Instruments
  •  Drums
  •  Trumpet

Complete building instructions for the Trumpet and Xylophone player

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Table of Contents

  • Making Music with the NXT
    • Introduction
  • Musical Instruments
    • Pitch
    • Duration
    • Tone
    • Types of Instruments
  • Creating Sound with the NXT
    • Setting the default volume
    • The Sound Block
  • My First Music Maker
  • Using Inputs
    • Datahubs
    • Our first Instrument
    • How high / how low can you hear?
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
    • Scaling the input
    • Converting Readings into Tone Frequency
    • Math Block in NXT-G
  • Percussion
  • Who’s got the Beat?
    • Bang the drum
    • Whole Beats
    • Half Beats
    • Combination rhythm
    • *** Warning ***
  • Trumpet
    • The Switch Statement
    • Extension Activities
  • Conclusion