Damien works with students and teacher from around the world, bringing the effective use of technology to the classroom.  

Damien is a member of the MCP (Mindstorms Community Program), a small group of experts who collaborate with LEGO to make the MINDSTORM product better.

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Damien has 'Qualified Individual' certification for training teachers to use the Google Apps for Education range of tools.


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DomaBot Map

See where the DomaBot is being used around the world


DomaBot Global Map Update - 15 Countries!

Just a quick post with updates to the DomaBot Global Map.  I now have schools / organisations in 15 countries using my design.  Still waiting to hear back from Teachers in Ghana and South Korea to see if their happy to add their schools into the mix which would make 17 countries :)

Are you using the DomaBot design?  Know someone who is?  Please let me know!


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RoboCup Junior Australia 2012 Championships

On September 22/23, we held the Australian Championships for RoboCUp Junior.  This year we saw over 140 teams and over 400 kids from all over Australia come to Canberra to show off their creations.  I am constantly amazed at the ability of these students and what they are able to create.  We make it a point to interview every team to make sure that the work is substantially their own (not some well meaning but overhelpful teacher or parent).  I spoke to quite a few teams, who despite being in grade 10,11 or 12, knew more than I did after my first year of my Engineering Degree!

Photos below (I was helping mainly in the Rescue challenge so there are a few more of those than the Dance or Soccer)


Here are a few videos that others took of the event:



My robot design being used in Ghana! :)

Thanks for send this through to me.  As part of a RISE project (Robotics Inspired Science Education), close to 400 students from 10 regions of Ghana were able to take part in a robotics workshop.  The amazing thing (and humbling for me) is that they used my robot design for part of the workshops.

They're also using the RoboCupJunior Australia Rescue mat (which I also had a big part in creating) as part of their project challenge.

I've emailed the Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation to see if there is anything else I could do to help :)

The mission of Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation (GRAF) is to design accessible and innovative programs that will excite and motivate young Ghanaians to pursue careers in science, technology and engineering, build self-confidence, knowledge and life skills. RiSE introduces students to the excitement and experience of solving real world problems by applying, science, technology, engineering and math skills, all using LEGO Mindstorms.

The inaugural RiSE 2011 workshops were held at Tamale, Accra and Takoradi, it was a celebration of Science, Technology and Teamwork. RiSE 2011 workshop had close to 400 students from all 10 regions of the country. The diversity of the participants was remarkable and each student brought different experiences, interest, and ambitions. In addition, each student demonstrated talents they didn’t know they had.

You can find the full report here -


QSITE PD Session

I was up in Townsville last weekend to run some Professional Development sessions for QSITE (Queensland Society of Information Technology Educators).  Three sessions in total, each around 3hrs long. 

  • Using Greenscreens
  • StopMotion Animation 
  • Google Earth in the Classroom

I've done up some resource pages for Greenscreens and Google Earth.  Hopefully Stopmotion Animation is not far behind.


Greenscreen Tutorial

I have *finally* gotten around to writing all this up.  Teachers keep hounding me for it, so here it is! :)

This is how I go about doing my Greenscreen workshop.  It covers the hardware I use, as well as the software.  I'm a big fan of cheap / free software, as teachers are more likely to 'give-it-a-go' if there is very little outlay.  Once you're confident, and your students are wanting to increase production value, you can upgrade to better software / cameras / lights etc.


Apologies for lack of posts

"Sorry :(" by gwaar
Attribution License

I'm sorry, I know it has been a while since my last post.  Life has been hectic, with RoboCup Junior, Australia 's move to the new National Curriculum along with all the other things life throws at you. I've neglected this blog as well as my other social media for a little too long so I'm hopefully going to turn this around.  The 'aim' is to do at least 1 post per week, so here's hoping I can keep to that :)

As always, if you have any questions about anything (yes anything!), please don't hesitate to contact me.



Making Music with the NXT

Big thanks to Marvin for sending these videos through of his students.  They used my book - "Making Music with the NXT" as inspiration for creating their own musical instruments!


DomaBot Global Map

In around 2007, I put together a simple robot design that I could use with my classroom teaching.  It was quick to build, required very few parts which enabled us to get on to the programming more quickly.  Now I'm a firm believer in giving kids the time to 'play' and explore mechanisms and structural consruction, but unfortunately in the sessions I run, time is not something we have much spare.

If you give a kid a box of LEGO and tell them to build a robot, you could come back in 3 weeks and they would still be tinkering with just the build.

I put the plans up online for anyone to use, and then I started getting some emails from far-flung places around the world.  Teachers had been using my design and saying thanks for making it available.  It's those kinds of emails that make your day.

So over these last few weeks, I need a project to keep me from doing 'real' work and decided to put together a map of where the DomaBot is being used.  Google Maps has made it increadibly easy to both pin a location and embed the whole map on my site.  I'm hoping people will also send me photos of their DomaBots in actions, to attach to their pinned location.

Within 2 weeks of putting the call out, I had received 24 organisations (schools, universities, even NASA!) spread across 7 countries.  I love what I do!

Have you used my design?  Please let me know about it.


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How do you store your LEGO?

Back in 2009 I collated a bunch of different ideas from teachers and educators on the LEGOengineering mailing list on how they store their LEGO in class.  It was originally turned into a pdf but wasn't easy to find, so I thought I'd reproduce it here and link it in a few more places.

Do you use any of these methods?  Something completely different?


When asked "How do you store your LEGO?" there is no single correct way that suits every classroom. What follows below is a collection of different ideas that were gathered together from teachers from all over the world via the LEGO engineering mailing list. This mailing list has over 200 participants, exchanging ideas about how robotics is taught in schools. Please join us and help grow the community of robotics educators.


Karen Rouse Technology Coordinator Pacific Pines Primary

Here at Pac Pines we currently have 12 RCX & 4 NXT robotics kits. Students in Years 4 to 7 participate in robotics programming activities at before and after school clubs. Because our club activities are mainly programming based challenges at the moment the students generally just use pre-built robots.


The robots have all been given a name and the students have laminated and attached name cards to each robot like a number plate (see Bizzy & Bella Close Up - pic attached). The robots have a set parking spot (also named) on a shelf in our Tech Lab where they always go back to when they are not being used (Robot Parking pic attached). Because our Tech Lab is in our library and the robotics storage area is in a corridor between the two it is a high traffic area where many little fingers might like to play with the robots so to avoid that as much as possible we add covers to the front of the Robot Parking area when robotics is not on (see Robot Parking Covers pic attached).

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All books now available from Amazon!


It's taken a little while, but I now have all my LEGO Robotics teacher resource books available from Amazon.  In the process, I've been able to convert them all to full colour, something many teachers have been asking for over the years.  Unfortunately, it means we've lost the spiral binding :(

I know many teachers loved the spiral binding as it made it easy to photocopy the student worksheets out of the Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher: NXT book.  Now that that is not as easy, I have gone and uplaoded all the student worksheets as a pdf for you to download and print out.  Even if you haven't bought my book, you can still download the worksheets and use in class (The worksheets make more sense with the book, so I do highly encourage you to buy that as well :D )

Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher: NXT

Datalogging Activities for the Busy Teacher

Making Music with the NXT

Our Coral Reefs - LEGO WeDo and Animal Set


Click the "Books" link to see them all. 


Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! 

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