Damien works with students and teacher from around the world, bringing the effective use of technology to the classroom.  

Damien is a member of the MCP (Mindstorms Community Program), a small group of experts who collaborate with LEGO to make the MINDSTORM product better.

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Damien is a member of the VEX IQ Super User group, a small group of experts who collaborate with VEX to make the VEX IQ platform a better product 



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QSITE PD Session

I was up in Townsville last weekend to run some Professional Development sessions for QSITE (Queensland Society of Information Technology Educators).  Three sessions in total, each around 3hrs long. 

  • Using Greenscreens
  • StopMotion Animation 
  • Google Earth in the Classroom

I've done up some resource pages for Greenscreens and Google Earth.  Hopefully Stopmotion Animation is not far behind.

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