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Sneaky Kids :)

One of my standard activities I run when I go to schools is 'Rescue Penelope the Polar Bear'.  We set a scenario where an earthquake has occurred at the zoo, buildings have fallen down (black cases) and lions and tigers and bears (oh my) are roaming the zoo grounds.  Poor Penelope is injured, but it is too dangerous to send a zoo keeper as they might be mistaken for the lions lunch.

Penelope in the lower left, robot starting position in the upper rightSo I notice a few kids start ducking into the next room with their robots.  'Right!' I think to myself, 'They should be in here working not stuffing around!'.  So I wander next door to spring them red handed when I find this.

Kid's mockupThey had done a mockup of my setup as they were so keen they didn't want to wait in line to do their testing :)  

I love the ingenuity of kids! 

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