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BeeBot Activities

This was my first time using BeeBots with kids (as opposed to teachers) and with 22 kids, it was pretty noisy/chaotic/fun/exciting.

Make your robot drive out, turn around and come back

First real program ont he BeeBot - Forward, Forward, Turn, Turn, Forward, Forward.  Either a left orright turn is fine, and it was fun getting the kids to think about thier left and right hands.  It's also great to watch those kids that goforward, turn around and then go backwards, thinking it's the way to go 'BACK' to the start when in fact that once turned around, your robot needs to go forward.

Random Dice game

  • Roll a 1: Go forward
  • Roll a 2: Go Backward
  • Roll a 3: Turn Left
  • Roll a 4: Turn Right
  • Roll a 5: Hold your ear with your opposite hand
  • Roll a 6: Stand on 1 leg

Shape / Letter Map

Drive your robot spelling out the first two letters of your BeeBot's name.  Drive from one random shape to another.  I got these mats from Modern Teaching aids -


How Wide / How Tall

One group member lies down with outstretched arms. Other members mark the fingertip locations (we used chalk) How many BeeBot rulers (15cm pieces of paper) does it take to travel from one fingertip to another? Measure first and test with the BeeBot. Do exactly the same thing to determine the persons height. (It should be the same as their armspan)

We quickly made up a heap of BeeBot' rulers.  Each 15cm long.  An A4 sheet of paper, cut in quarters and foldered up was perfect.







Map Making

Every group was given 4 BeeBot rulers and told to make a maze. Using chalk, we copied that maze to the concrete. With 8 mazes in a large circle, each group rotated clockwise to solve another groups maze. Rinse, Repeat

 Possible tracks based on 4 BeeBot rulers.


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