Google Apps for Education - Brisbane Summit

I've been very lucky to be accepted as a presenter for the upcoming Brisbane GAFE Summit.  This page is a space for resources based around my 2 presentations.


Sheets and Forms, a winning data collection combo

Google Sheets is the spreadsheet component of the Docs suite of apps.  In itself, it is a very capable spreadsheet program, performing all the standard functions you'd expect of a spreadsheet program.  But coupled with Forms, it becomes a collaborative powerhouse, providing an incredibly easy way to collect information from a wide range of sources, view it, manipulate it and share it."
This workshop will take you through the basics of setting up your first Form/Sheet combination, as well as showcasing a variety of different use cases, from Administration, to Maths, Science and English classes. 

More charts than you can poke a stick at. How you present your data is just as important as collecting it.

When presenting data to an audience, the method of presentation is often just as important as the data itself. Looking at a table of values can be bland and off-putting. Looking at well selected charts (of which there are a dizzying array in Google Spreadsheets) helps the students tease out the trends, highlights and the story of the data in a manner easily digestible by the audience. Well look at a variety of different chart types and where they might be best used in the classroom as well as some tips and tricks on good graph design.

Examples of Charts with Dummy Data