Robotics in Education - eJournal

Back in 2009, I tried to put together an eJournal publication titles 'Robotics in education'.  Whilst we did get some great submissions, they weren't regular enough to make the eJournal a continuing project.

Here are the 3 editions we managed to put together.  I'm going to re-post each article separately over the beginning of 2012 (with proper acknowledgment of course!) to make it easier for search engines and people to find them and hopefully make use of them.

If you are the original author and don't want your article re-posted, please let me know :)

Volume 1 - Download

  • A Week of LEGO’s – Ed Chapin 
  • Introducing Lego Robotics for talented students – Roberto Catanuto 
  • NXT Acidity Tester – Michele Perrin 
  • Introducing Lego Robotics for differently talented students – Roberto Catanuto 
  • Integrated Educational Robotics in Elementary Curriculum – Amy Euguchi, Lisbeth Uribe  
  • Robotics activities for underserved communities – Roberto Catanuto 
  • Adventures in Middle School Robotics – Patti Davis 


Volume 2 - Download 

  • The Corridor Challenge - Chris Bracken
  • Robotics Concept Formation – Roberto Catanuto
  • Classroom Robotics for Future Elementary & Middle Level Teachers - Rick Anderson
  • The Buzz of Robotixlab Experiential Workshop - Antony Kanouras


Volume 3 - Download 

  • Digital Design with LEGO Robotics - Wayne Burnett (Singapore)
  • Storytelling and scenario building as an enforcement in LEGO introductory activities - Roberto Catanuto  (Italy)
  • Robotics in the Greenhouse - Eduardo Ventura M. (Dominican Republic)
  • Effective education with limited programming knowledge - Damien Kee  (Australia)
  • NXT vs. RCX vs. Pico Playing to their strengths and being a wise steward of resources - Laura Jones  (USA)
  • Teaching the Path of Regular Polygons – An Approach to Introductory Programming - Craig Shelden (USA)