Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher: VEX IQ with "Modkit for VEX"

A 10 week curriculum package for implementing the VEX IQ Robotics kit in your class.  Containing over 20 chapters that follow a planetary exploration storyline, you will be introducing students to the basics of the VEX IQ kit and gradually incorporating sensors and useful programming concepts.  

All challenges follow a similar structure with an overview project, equipment needed and Teachers' notes.  Example programs as well as tips and tricks are included to assist the teacher.  Student worksheets can be either photocopied or downloaded from the website.  Full building instructions necessary to construct the miniVEX Base design and all required attachments are also included.

In addition to specific Robot challenges, the book also offers activities based around Robots in Society, Flowcharting and Multimedia Presentations.

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Physical Book - 
106 pages, full colour   


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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: miniVEX Basics
  • Chapter 3: What is a Robot?
  • Chapter 4: Flowcharting
  • Chapter 5: How Far?
  • Chapter 6: How Fast?
  • Chapter 7: How Many Sides?
  • Chapter 8: Help, I'm Stuck!
  • Chapter 9: Let’s go Prospecting!
  • Chapter 10: Stay Away from the Edge
  • Chapter 11: Prospecting and Staying Safe
  • Chapter 12: Going Up and Going Down
  • Chapter 13: Prepare the Landing Zone
  • Chapter 14: Touch LED and Bumper Switch
  • Chapter: 15: Meet your Adoring Public!
  • Chapter 16: As seen on TV!
  • Chapter 17: Mini-Golf
  • Chapter 18: Dancing Robots
  • Chapter 19: Robot Wave
  • Chapter 20: Robot Butler
  • Chapter 21: Student Worksheets
  • Chapter 22: Building Instructions