Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher: NXT 2nd Edition

*2nd Edition is now in full colour, with 3 new chapters

A 10 week lesson plan for teaching with the LEGO MINDSTORMS System. This book outlines a 10 week set of lesson plans for teachers wishing to implement robotics in their classroom. A set of robotics challenges are presented, centered around the LEGO NXT MINDSTORMS system. The workbook includes 10 robotic based challenges as well as 3 additional modules with assessment activities covering Robots in Society, Flowcharting and Multimedia Presentations.

Each module includes:

  • A real world scenario
  • Basic theory of the concepts presented
  • Teachers notes outlining the most common issues and how to solve them
  • Example Programs in the NXT-G development environment
  • Extension activities
  • Student worksheets

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: What is a robot? 
Chapter 3: Flowcharting 
Chapter 4: DomaBot Basics 
Chapter 5: How far? 
Chapter 6: How fast? 
Chapter 7: That bot has personality! 
Chapter 8: How many sides? 
Chapter 9: Help! I'm Stuck 
Chapter 10: Help! I'm (still) stuck 
Chapter 11: Stay Away from the Edge 
Chapter 12: Did you hear that? 
Chapter 13: Mini-Golf 
Chapter 14: Dancing Robots 
Chapter 15: Robot Wave 
Chapter 16: Robot Butler 
Chapter 17: As seen on TV! 
Chapter 18: Meet your adoring public! 
Chapter 19: Student Worksheets 
Chapter 20: Building Instructions